*Do I have to fill out the entire application?

Yes. If you need help filling out the application 
please watch this short video.

*When is the application deadline?

All applications must be submitted by November 5, 2020.
This includes mail-in applications. Please mail your
application so that it is received before the deadline.

*Where do I turn in the application?

Mail in your application to one of our local Miracle-Ear 
offices(before the deadline). You can also drop your 
application off in person if you would like. Any 
Miracle-Ear office location in Alabama can accept 
an application as well. Find the nearest Miracle-Ear 
office by clicking here.

*What if I don't know some of the information that 
the application is asking for?

Contact one of our local offices for assistance with this. 
We work with Miracle-Ear Foundation applicants all the time, 
so we can help you figure it out. Find the nearest 
Miracle-Ear office by clicking here.

*Can I turn in an application for a family member?

Yes! However, we need the application to be filled out with 
the recipients information. If you're a friend or family 
member you can turn in the application at the nearest 
Miracle-Ear office location in Alabama. Find a location 
by clicking here. 

*Are Miracle-Ear Foundation hearing aids always free?

During the Miracle Mission we are waiving the standard 
$150 application fee. We participate with the Miracle-Ear
Foundation year-round, and outside of this special event 
a Miracle-Ear Foundation recipient is required to pay a 
$150 processing fee. So, no, technically it's not free, but 
we do offer Miracle-Ear Foundation assistance at any of 
our Alabama Miracle-Ear office locations year-round. You 
can learn more about the Miracle-Ear Foundation 
by clicking here.

*What are we doing to help protect against COVID-19?

We will be providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
to all patients during both the testing and fitting
process. All of our Hearing Care Specialists will be 
wearing PPE as well. We will be cleaning each station
between patients, maintaining social distancing, limiting
the number of people inside each facility at one time,
and doing everything we can to protect both our patients
and our Miracle-Ear team members during the Miracle Mission.

*What if I miss my appointment date?

If you anticipate missing your scheduled appointment 
please contact us as soon as possible and we will do 
our best to accommodate your individual needs. We 
cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a new 
time, so please try to keep your appointment time 
as scheduled. 
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